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| February 28, 2014

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This assignment is designed for you to gain new perspectives on health. After this assignment, you will gain more understanding about multicultural population. You will learn how a foreigner views and experiences American society. From the interview, you will identify health care issues and concerns in our society. Additionally, you will explore how the health care issues and concerns may influence the population and our society.
1. Contact an individual who is from other country and whose first language is not English. Set up a meeting time (face-to-face only).
? Multiculture Council
? International Student Organization
2. Come up with interview questions.
1) Background information concerning the individual and family traditions.
2) What do they do to maintain health, remedies for illness, family beliefs about health and illness?
3) Experiences with hospitals and health care providers. Were they positive or negative and why?
4) Relay any specific stories they may have about themselves or family members concerning health care experiences.
3. Write-up in paper
Page 1:
? Name, Class number, Date
? Title
Page 2-6 (minimum 5 pages)
? Introduction
? Background information
o How did you find your interviewee?
o Why did you choose him or her?
o Background information about him or her.
? Discussion
o What did you ask questions? Why were you interested asking the particular questions?
o Findings from your interview.
? Conclusion
o Self-reflection.
o How does this experience influence yourself and your future career?
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