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Professor`s Comments – Overall very little is mentioned in each question related to equipment or specifics such plans for the future, additional equipment, fiscal expenditures and teacher training or PD. Your reflection is lacking significant depth or specifics related to your reaction, how this will impact your future use of technology or what you might help you from this information when planning a lesson. Becoming a part of the WEB 2.0 program what will be different in your classroom in the coming year? Finally the phrase analogue system has me stumped – it needs to be elaborated some to help with your thoughts in the closing sentences.

This is the essay that needs editing:

Technology Interview
Alicia Veazy is the library media specialist, I interviewed for this assignment. Ms. Veazy has more than enough qualifications for her position, and I found it easy to interview her because she is extremely conversant with technology. She has worked as a library media specialist in the district for thirteen years. She has a master’s degree in Library Science and a valid Kentucky state teaching certificate. Ms. Veazy`s daily work includes assistance of the students and staff with technology, maintaining working knowledge of digital resources and software in the school and provision of instructions and directions to the students and staff on technology equipment application. She is a hardworking and intelligent lady. Those skills enable her to meet the responsibility of the district and assigned building. She also performs other responsibilities in the school effectively.
1. Briefly explain your role in the development of technology in your school district.
After asking Ms. Veazy about her role in technology development in the school, she informed me that in her daily work she assists students and staff in the school with the use of technology. Those who cannot use the technological devices are advised and shown how to use them. She also helps the staff on understanding the problems associated with technical equipment. She is always available at any time of the day to help the staff and students fill comfortable with the technology. Ms. Veazy also ensures that in the school both students and staff are conversant with the digital resources and software knowledge. She supervises and organizes the checking, ordering, maintaining and processing of media centre materials.
2. How does the school, community culture impacts the integration of technology?
In response to this question, Ms. Veazy explained that the school and community around have platform that supports integration of technology. The school has incorporated technology in the curriculum and this ensures that each staff member and student is conversant with the latest technology available. The teachers use technology in their lessons to ensure that students become familiar with the technological devices. The community has also advanced in making sure the technological devices are available at affordable prices for each person.
3. How do schools use their fiscal and human resources to support technology use?
In supporting the technology use, the schools use human resources and fiscal in ensuring each student and staff knows how to maintain and use the technological devices available. The school requires that each person either student or staff should be responsible for taking care of the technological tools and equipment.
4. What is the most common teacher directed use of technology in the classroom?
Ms. Veazy explained that technology integration with a standard curriculum enables students to get and have a sense of power. In the school, in order to ensure that there is advanced learning in broad topics the teachers use interactive whiteboards and technological student response systems.
5. What is your most common administrative directed issue related to technology?
Ms. Veazy said that her common administrative issue related to technology is security. She commented that the technological devices should be protected and secured against hackers. She also said that the school should consider the application of current technology in the program because technology changes and advances each day.
6. What teacher / administrative in service do you see we need to be providing in the near future?
Ms. Veazy claimed that due to the advancement in technology the teachers and administrators needed are those conversant with technology. The teachers should at least have a bachelor’s degree and another certificate of Education Technology or Information Technology. She insisted that it is mandatory to use technology in school because the society is changing, and analogy teachers and administrators should not be employed. She will be attending an in-service this summer titled, Technology Teach and is constantly seeking in-service training classes being offered.
In respect to the information gained from the interview, technology is very helpful, and students should be taught how to use and apply technology in order to become effective in the job industry. Each school should consider employing technology conversant teachers and administrators. The schools should also consider buying technological devices to be used by students. The analogue systems should be abolished, and new technological system be employed in the teaching curriculum.



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