Interpreting and Comparing Financial Reports (Ratios)

| April 25, 2015

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Review the companies financial information. (Starbucks and Darden). See attached Excel document

-For the assignment you should analyze Starbucks and Darden Restaurants, two companies in different segments of the food service industry.

-Compare the financial ratios with each of the preceding three (3) years (e.g. 2014 with 2013; 2013 with 2012; and 2012 with 2011). (Compare financial ratios of Starbucks through those years) & (Compare financial ratios of Darden through those years)

-In your summary of your analysis, use the results of the ratio analysis to compare the two companies as to their performance. What are important are completeness of your analysis and the logic supporting your conclusions.

-Your analysis should, at a minimum, encompass all of the DuPont System of ratio analysis; there are additional supporting metrics/ratios for some elements that also can be considered.

-Interpret those results against company historical data as well as industry benchmarks: (Some industry ratios provided)
-It is helpful to fully explore the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows.

-Write a word summary of approximately 750 words with your analysis.

Excel Information extracted from:


Industry Ratios

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