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| February 14, 2014

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Summaries my Journal and Reflection and analysis involve taking my internship experiences and engaging with them as a way to make sense of what has occurred. Also need to include Theory & Evidence and It also need to connect with each Journal_Main_points
Please make sure you did Open the file called “Internship_Report_2_OZ_Green.docx. that I have uploaded.
And please summaries this one “Internship_Report_2_OZ_Green.docx.
Make sure you following these:
Work on your written expression and grammar. You must need to include references, and have made a connection between what you have written and how they apply.
Critical evaluation
1. Evaluate aims in light of your experiences in the workplace
2. Address ethical issues where relevant (note discipline-specific considerations)
3. Professional advice
4. Concluding statement
A critical analysis of your internship experience, in which you need to demonstrate your ability to synthesize relevant concepts, theories, literature and contextual examples from your course to analyse key aspects of your internship.
Critical evaluation
Use elements of portfolio where relevant to support your analysis; e.g. excerpts of writing, visual representations
Reflection and analysis
Ability to critically reflect on and analyse professional practice, issues and learning in the workplace
Research and supporting resources
Capacity to integrate research, evidence and supporting materials relevant to discipline
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Define Periodization and its Components.
Individual Report


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