| November 21, 2015
3 in depth discussion questions related to Global Economins in International Trade.

You are only allowed to consult the material covered in the course and only the texts and sources that are required or recommended for the course.

Required Texts

Kreinin Mordechai  2010 International Economics: A Policy Approach

Sawyer, Charles W. and Richard L. Sprinkle. 2006. International Economics.  Second Edition, Pearson, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-170416-8

Deardorff, Alan and Robert M. Stern, Social Dimensions of US Trade Policies, Michigan.

Do not use Internet-based sources. The exam will be check for use of unauthorized sources using the Turnitin and other tools.

1.     1. Assess the accuracy of the statement: “International trade increases competition.” Your answer must be based on theories of international economics. Make sure to provide evidence from the literature.

2.     2. What are the determinants of intra-industry trade and is there any consensus on those factors? What methods are available for testing the existence and extent of intra-industry?

3.    3.  Compare and contrast economic theories that explain international trade. For example, what comparative advantages accomplishes over and beyond absolute advantages? Do not limit your answer to this one pair of theories and explore all the theories that explain why trade takes place and the nature and the form of the trade.

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