International Relations of East Asia

| March 16, 2014

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Question. ?We should withdraw or greatly reduce the US military presence in East Asia. America does not have strong interests in the region, and the costs of our military empire have become too high. As our economy has weakened, our two main allies, Japan and South Korea, have become rich enough to pay for their own defense. Besides, international relations in Northeast Asia are highly conflict-prone and dangerous, so we run the risk of being drawn into fights that are not our own. And one more thing: the presence of our bases causes so many problems that the local populations don?t even want us there. It would be in everyone?s best interests if we just brought the troops home.?
[Team B will AGREE, Team C will DISAGREE]
On the essay, Remember to cover BOTH sides of the debate, and stay focused on the parameters of the
debate. I am group C! Get as deep into the analysis as you can. You should have your own position, of course, but you must demonstrate that you fully understand all sides of these one-sided statements. Really emphasis both sides the argument.
Even though the quote in Q2 seems to be all about AMERICAN foreign policy, for this question you should focus more on the nature of international relations in the region (sources of common interests, sources of instability, etc.).
Rubric for grading essays and outlines
I. Substance and presentation
— covers both sides, in a balanced manner; stays focused on the parameters of the debate
— covers all core points, with proper emphasis on the most important arguments
— presents materials in an organized manner (demonstrating understanding of the argument)
II. Strength of Analysis
— grapples with arguments on both sides, assesses validity of assumptions and EVIDENCE.
— presents strong, thoughtful, deep, and insightful analysis (as opposed to mere description) — has a clear and analytically supported argument/conclusion
III. Effort
— shows evidence of having really thought about the question
— incorporates insights from the readings (i.e., not just based on lecture or group work)
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