International relations constructivism theory critique analysis

| April 21, 2014

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Critiquing an International Relations theory through the utilization of two recent scholarly articles
The paper analysis will be graded based on the following criteria:
o Title Page
• Catchy title
• Your name
• Course name:
• Due date:
o Abstract
• One page summary of your entire paper
o Introduction
• Which theory did you choose? Why?
• What are the assumptions of this theory?
• Why did the authors choose this theory as well?
• Do the authors predict success/failure applying this theory?
• Why do you think it was very important for the authors to research and write their articles?
o Literature Review
• What have the authors researched and written about the success/failure of this theory?
• Where else have the authors looked to in formulating their arguments?
• Have previous studies been researched or is this a new phenomenon?
• Are the authors’ arguments accepted/rejected in the field?
• How about in the general public?
o Implication
• What are the specific hypotheses and what are the dependent and independent variables (if any)?
• What are the authors trying to prove?
• Are there strong/weak correlations with the variables chosen?
• Is there hypothesis simple (common sense) or complex (unrealistic)?
• What is/are the key finding(s) of the study?
• What do the authors imply from their study?
• What do they claim to be significant?
o Discussion
• What do the authors explain about their analyses?
• Do they agree/disagree that it is significant/insignificant?
• What have the authors expressed in improving their studies for future researches?
• Do you feel that they were satisfied/dissatisfied with their results?
• How would you analyze their findings-legitimate or illegitimate?
o Further Recommendation
• What inputs can you think of that can improve the authors’ articles and research?
• Are there any correlations with other variables?
• How would you approach this study under your guidance and supervision?
• Do you believe that you will share similar conclusions/ different results with the authors? Why or why not?
o References
Please use American Psychological Association (APA) formatting style by providing a title page and an abstract. Also, cite all references in your Reference page.
(Note: title page, abstract, and reference page(s) do not count for the required 4-5 pages expected in your submission).
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