International Political Economy of East Asia

| February 16, 2014

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Analytical Essay
I. The Questions
Q1. Some scholars who study the economic development of Japan and Korea focus too much on their state-led industrialization strategies, in particular the impact of their industrial policies. But industrial policy had little to do with their developmental success. Rather, the high-speed growth of both countries can be explained entirely by other factors, including the sound general economic policies both governments followed, the dynamism of their respective private sectors, and the favorable external context that both enjoyed.?
Q2.? ?Some scholars argue that postwar Japan and Korea followed the same basic developmental model.? But these similarities were only on the surface.? Rather, their domestic political and economic situations were very different, and their external circumstances were dissimilar as well.? More importantly, the strategies and policies they followed were not at all similar.? It is simply intellectual laziness to treat them as following the same model of development.?
For the WRITTEN part you must show that you understand BOTH sides of the two questions. So for question 1 show both sides of the argument and the same goes for question 2.
You must present the main arguments and counter-arguments from BOTH sides of these one-sided statements in a fair manner and roughly equally.? You of course can/should have your own position, but you must demonstrate your understanding of the other side of the argument (at the minimum).? Think hard about the arguments, counter-arguments, critiques, and comebacks;?include in your essay only what is most crucial and relevant.? This means analysis, not mere description.? Remember to stay focused on the question.
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