International mass media

| December 15, 2015


One of the major components of your work in J414 will be a research paper on international mass media. This will allow you to demonstrate some skills that may not come to the surface during our class discussions, and it will allow you to focus on an international news topic in much more depth. The project is worth 20% of your grade in the course. Requirements: • The paper should deal with an area of international communications. That’s pretty broad, so you have a lot of freedom here. Part of the challenge is to find and define an appropriate topic for the paper. Examples could include studies of news flows between countries, the image of one country in the media of another, comparisons of the media systems of two or more countries, the rise of new media and its role in globalization, and interviews with correspondents or editors. • Your paper should involve primary sources. Primary sources are materials that you collect and analyze. This could include original foreign reporting, podcasts, interviews, tweets, etc. • Your primary sources should be supported by secondary sources. These are books and articles that analyze and discuss findings from primary research. This could include the Scotton and Hatchten text, Columbia Journalism Review, American Journalism Review, Journalism Quarterly, Journal of Communications, or Gazette. • Your paper should be 4-5 pages long (2,000-2,500 words or so), double-spaced. • The style is up to you and could either be formal/academic or journalistic. Since you are journalism and PR majors, an engaging writing style is always a plus. • You must cite your sources, no matter the style you choose. If you are using AP style, attach a works cited page that gives full detail on where to find those works. Turn in a preliminary outline on Oct. 21 to let me know what you plan to research and write about. Your preliminary outline is an informal document that states what topic or problem your paper will cover, what questions it will address, why it matters, and what sources you might consult. You do not have to have a complete list of sources, but give me a sense that you have done some preliminary research and know this is a feasible topic. The finished paper will be due at the beginning of class on Dec. 16.

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