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| January 27, 2015
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Table of Contents 1. Source Problem 2. Secondary Problems a. Short Term b. Long Term 3. Analysis 4. Criteria of Evaluation 5. Alternatives a. Short Term ( Refer to secondary problems identified) b. Long Term ( Refer to secondary problems identified) 6. Recommendation 7. Justification 8. Implementation, Control and Follow-up 9. Appendix 10. References (20 References -least three academic (peer-reviewed journal) article references) Word count Total word count: 2,000 words (+/-15% –max. 2,300 words) Breakdown maybe as follows? 1. Source Problems: approx. 110 words 2. Secondary Problems: approx: 220 words 3. Analysis: approx. 1,000 words 4. Criteria of Evaluation: approx. 110 words 5. Alternative Strategies: approx. 220 words 6. Justification of Recommendations: approx. 220 words 7. Implementation: approx. 120 words Contents page, bibliographical references and appendices don’t contribute to the word count. OUTLINE FOR CASE ANALYSIS AND REPORTS 1.0 Source Problems: This is a general statement of the underlying, fundamental problem or core issue. It is important to distinguish between symptoms of the problem, and the problem itself. Frequently the source problem precedes the current problems in the case. (one short paragraph) 2.0 Secondary Problems: These are more specific, current and observable problems and derive from the source problem. They frequently are the problems immediately evident in the case. Do not write three sections: all problems should be listed under short or long term. (Three quarters of a page). Short Term: Current problems of recent origin, which can be solved within a period of months without major commitments of capital, technology, finance or managerial effort. (business example: overstocking, high prices, labour shortage) 2.1 2.2 2.3 Long Term: Problems which have existed for years, and which involve long-term trends in the internal or external environment. They will reuire solutions spread over a period longer than, say, a year, and may…

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Managing Internationally across Business Systems
A two page write up (excecutive summary and persuasive recommandation) for a car company called.

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