International Law: How can you classify territory/spaces according to their legal regime?

| April 21, 2014

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You have to demonstrate confident use of international legal terminology, good knowledge of the key concepts of international law, and to show strong intellectual and analytical skills. The answers have to be written in good language and be well-structured.
1.How can you classify territory/spaces according to their legal regime? *
2.What is included in the concept of “State territory”? *
What are the limits of the territorial sea? What are the limits of the air territory of a State?
3.How do the Sates establish their boundaries? *
Use terms: delimitation, demarcation.
4.What is the status of the map annexed to the boundary treaty? *
What if there is an error in the map?What examples do you know?
5.Do boundary treaties have any special status in international law? *
Can they expire? What about treaties between colonial powers?
6.What is quasi-territory of a State? *
Give examples. What is the practical use of this concept?
7.What maritime spaces do you know? What are their legal regime? *
8.What are the means of acquisition of territory? *
Explain the requirements.
9.What is “effective control”? Give some examples. *
Is it always required? Do you know exceptions?
10.Which principles have priority: of geographical contiguity, of historical continuity or of self-determination? *
Provide examples of territorial disputes where these arguments could be applicable.
11.What problems are related to self-determination through referendum? *
12.Are conquest (subjugation) and annexation legitimate ways of acquisition of territory? *
Provide some example (from second half of 20th century)
13.If the state border follows the river and this river changes its flow, how would it affect the border? *
Use the terms: accretion and avulsion
14.What is the status of the Antarctic? *
15.What are the problems related to the status of Arctic? *
What legal norm are applicable? What solution would you suggest?
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