International Financial Economics Issue

| June 23, 2015

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You are recruited by Deutsche Finance Gulf Bank as a financial economist and your first
task is to showcase your ability to invest in the financial markets. The CFO divides your
tasks in 2 parts:

1. Choose 1 publicly listed company in the UAE, within the banking sector and analyze
the company’s stock using your managerial economics skills, e.g. use some demand and
supply analysis tools. Note that your investment strategy should not involve short selling,
but can involve various purchases and sales.

2. Make a forecast of how the stock will perform after 1 week period. Your project
should include, but not restricted to the following sections:

a. A brief historical background of the company in terms of performance,
bench marking  against industry, and major changes in the past or foreseeable future.

b. Analysis of company using economic tools learnt throughout the course. Knowledge and skills of other fields like finance, management, marketing, accounting among others can also be complemented to your project if you feel it would add value to your recommendations.

c. A simple forecast of what you would expect of the share price to be, based on your
underlying model(s), and other information like microeconomic/  macroeconomic news.

d. Present to the class whether your forecasts were realistic when compared to the actual prices. If not, justify possible reasons of such deviations.

o Provide a conclusion part to your report, including an evaluation what can be improved or considered in the future.



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