International Finance Management

| July 28, 2015

Significance of the coursework This coursework accounts for 30% of the overall assessment for the BM702FT International Finance Management Module. Your identity: You are a newly qualified Chartered Certified Accountant, in your first role of a financial consultant. Request for service: One of your clients has approached you for a confidential and professional advice relating to the purchase of a company. The directors of your client company are unsure of the financial position and financial performance of this company, as they have so far not carried out any analysis. Specific Instructions: Study the latest available annual reports and accounts of this company ear-marked for acquisition and undertake such further study and research as necessary to be able to respond to the Requirement indicated below. Copies of the latest available set of Reports and Accounts of the company should be obtained from the relevant company’s website. The coursework report should be accompanied by: (i) The set of company’s reports and accounts to which it refers, and (ii) A certificate signed by you that the report is based on your own unassisted effort. You can select an industry and company of your choice on condition the annual reports are available over the internet. may be a good source. Requirement: Using the traditional method of financial ratio analysis and the professional interpretation of these ratios, determine the financial position and performance of this company. On the basis of this analysis, identify the weaknesses in the company and offer recommendations for improvement. Furthermore, write a brief report to the Board of Directors of your client company explaining whether you would recommend this company to for acquisition. Structure: Note that marks will be awarded for Structure. Structure includes the orderly presentation of relevant material, clarity of expression and the extent of research evidenced by the appropriateness and adequacy of in-text referencing and bibliography. There must be a Cover Page and Contents Page, paragraphs of Introduction and Conclusion and pages must be numbered. Recommendations for improvement must be realistic, relevant and capable of practical implementation.

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