International Business ( Multinational Corporation)

| April 19, 2014

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Assessment 1: International Business Essay
• Type: Individual ?
• Format: Essay (You are encouraged to use headings and/or sub-headings to separate the sections/cases of your essay.)
?• Value: 40% ?
• Word limit: 2000 words (variation within 10% more or less is allowed)
?•??This activity is a platform to sharpen and demonstrate your knowledge and analytical skills in international business. It is designed to help you achieve the learning outcomes 1, 2 & 3. The assignment focuses on the actors of international business and their actings in the contemporary international business context. It also provides you with opportunities to link the international theories with the practice by analysing real-world examples from the academic point of view.
Question: ?How does international business achieve its internationalisation objectives in the contemporary context? ??Process:
?1. Select one multinational corporation. ?
2. Write a brief overview of the organisation and its mission/objectives related to international business(maximum 500 words for this section) . ?
3. Select and then analyse the internationalisation process of the organisation and its impacts on the international context. Please focus only ONE country in your essay (i.e. Samsung in the US) (Approximately 1,000 words)
?• What did the organisation do to internationalise itself? ?
• What was the impact of these actions on the organisation? ?
• What was the impact of these actions on the broader community?
4. Experience/lessons Learned (Approximately 500 words)?• What insights did you gain about international business in the contemporary context?
Note! :
-For this essay the company I choose is coca cola and focus in India only!
– Not talking about coca cola product
-Focus in MNC company
– 5 to 13 reference
1) Please focus on 1 country!!!! This essay needs a clear focus of a multinational corporation in one country! Make sure you state which market (country) very clearly in your essay.
2) Please do not write a marketing essay for IB class. I don’t need any info. on 4ps, target market, market segmentation, advertising, packaging etc. The focus of this work is on ‘internationalisation process’. You need to analyse the country (using some theories from politicaleconomy and cultural topics) and internationalisation (remember all theories from topic 4 and 5!!)
3) I am not interested in details of missions and vision of your MNC. I am interested in why the company is so-called an MNC.
4) please use some theory / model that works for the company for example : UPPSALA model / DUNNING’s Electic Paradigm (OLI)
5) and also explain what strategy this company use for example like ( JOINT VENTURE , LICENSING AGREEMENT,OR MANAGEMENT CONTRACT)
Point 2 above says remember all theories from topic 4 and 5 i’ll upload the file later on
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