International business management

| March 24, 2015

International business management


International Business Management Semester 2 2014 Assignment 1: 20% – Group Presentation in Week 6: Task: Review a News article related to International Business Management. Choose any recent (no more than 3 months) article from any reputed media (Newspapers, Magazines, Video articles) which your group perceives to have some link to International Business. You must get the Article approved by the lecturer. 1. Give a brief overview of the article. 2. Explain the link to International Business. 3. Explain what you have learnt about International Business Management from this article. Please see Marking Guide below.? Gave an overview of the article 5 Highlighted the relation to International Business Management ? Clear Understanding of key concepts ? Critical Analysis ? Use of examples to explain the issues 5 ? Analysed the Issues and gave their viewpoint 6 Individual Component The Presentation was clear and showed understanding of the concepts and got the audience engaged

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