International Business Assignment

| March 22, 2015

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International Business Assignment
Module Learning Outcomes
1. Reveal understanding of key contemporary international business issues.
2. Ability to identify and evaluate the global context within which organisations must function.
3. Explain why companies may decide to internationalise.
4. Comprehend the impact of multinationals on both home and host nations.
Critically evaluate the impact of globalisation on the UK car manufacturing sector. You should be able to highlight the trade and non-trade barriers affecting UK car manufactures. Arguments should be based on contemporary information gathered from 2007-2015. Some references towards significant international differences in culture, language, and regulatory frameworks, particularly with respect to intellectual property protection should be discussed in your report.
How does the process of internationalisation provide impetus to car manufacturing sector within UK? The case of Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) brands success story since 2008
Your assignment should answer all of the following questions:
• Briefly provide background to the UK car manufacturing industry (including recent trends) with reference to its decline over the last two decades.
• Why has JLR become internationally successful in the UK since 2008?The focus should be on clear identification of Global drivers behind its success.
• How foreign markets, especially growing economies such as China and India, have added value to the sales of JLR?
• What cultural and ethical issues may emerge in engaging with overseas production and the issues surrounding the over-reliance on foreign markets for sales?
General guideline
Chapters one and five from your core text book should be an essential reading. Additional research will be expected, your work must include relevant illustrations and statistics to support your analysis and critical evaluation.
The format should be a report and you must not exceed 1500 words.
Marking criteria
Your work will be marked as follows:
RESEARCH 30% of total marks, (evidence of careful selection of data and opinions required.)
ANALYSIS 30% of total marks (ability to explain and analyse the issues involved in this assignment.)
EVALUATION 30% of total marks (critical appraisal of current opinions, recommendations from your analysis.)
PRESENTATION 10% of total marks (clarity of format, content and expression)
Marking guidelines
70-100: Carefully organised and synthesised piece of work with key insights into the most recent opinions and critical evaluation of the statement.
60-69: May be mostly analysis, although synopsis is well organised in terms of selecting key points relevant to the discussion as referred to immediately above. Good theoretical underpinning where appropriate, applied to facts but lacks a broad critical stance.
50-59: Descriptive synopsis covers most but not all key points. Reasonable understanding of relevant theoretical issues but lacks detailed application to the facts that have been stated.
40-49: Descriptive synopsis without much organisation or insight; often displays a patchy depth and gaps in coverage of the major key issues. Theoretical understanding is mostly superficial and there is not much by the way of application to the facts that have been stated.
0-39: Lacks understanding of the major issues raised. Very little underpinning of relevant theory and fails to apply it to facts stated.
A further detailed general marking guideline is provided in your Module Study Guide.
Pass requirements
The regulations state that students must attempt each component of formal assessment. Students failing to attempt one assessment component for the module will automatically fail the module. To pass the module, students must achieve an overall mark of at least 40%.
Anonymous Marking
Student work is marked in accordance with the University’s policy on anonymous marking.
Assessment Feedback
First assignment
All submissions of written work must be submitted electronically on Blackboard (via Turnitin UK) and is marked in accordance with the written marking criteria. Students are always given the opportunity to discuss their feedback with the tutor. Work is double marked and externally moderated in accordance with University regulations.
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