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| January 27, 2015

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Background •The dynamics of international business have been dominated by the TRIAD. In recent years, many TRIAD based MNE’s have sought to improve their global competitiveness by reducing cost and sub-contracting to low cost economies. The resulting growth of global markets and complex global supply chains has significantly impacted the dynamics of international business. •Other economies around the world are also set to emerge within the next few years and hence contribute to the current changes underway. Global dominance of the TRIAD and the MNE’s within it is also changing The Task Your assignment task is to critically assess:- 1.How the TRIAD economies have evolved and dominated patterns of international business. Your answer should characterise the evolution of TRIAD economies andhow TRIAD economies have sustained their dominance in increasingly global markets.(50%) 2.How emerging economies have evolved and are now challenging TRIAD dominance. Your answer should characterise current international business dynamics resulting from the rapid growth of global supply chains andfactors which could impact future patterns of international business. (50%) Answer both questions and in both cases you must characterise your observations with reference to classical and contemporary trade theory in addition to FDI frameworks and other relevant theories from your wider reading. What do we mean by critically assess? •Critical assessment is a disciplined academic process –It involves analysing, evaluating, researching and/or reasoning which should be supported by appropriate theory & frameworks. This approach will attract top marks –Descriptive/ subjective observation which lacks the relevant supporting theory & frameworks will attract low marks Critically assess how the TRIAD economies have evolved and dominated patterns of international business.Your answer should characterise the evolution of TRIAD economies and how TRIAD economies have sustained their…

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