International Business 2

| August 18, 2015

find the following 3 articles. Refer to these materials in your 2-3 page essay. Wade, Jared (2004),”The Pitfalls of Cross-Cultural Business”, Risk Management, March 2004, v 51, Pages: 38-43 Gibson, R. (2006), Small Business (A Special Report); Foreign Flavors: When going abroad, you should think of franchising as a cookie-cutter business; Unless, of course, you want to succeed. Wall Street Journal September 25, 2006, Page R. 8 As an example, read about Ace Hardware “international” experiences: Carlo, Andrew M. (2006). ” Overseas Adjustment”, Home Channel News. New York: October 2006, Volume 32, Issue 13, Pages 26-28 Things to include in your report: First, please identify some “cultural mistakes” from the first article listed above (“The pitfalls of cross-cultural business”). Second, please select a company from the second article (“Small Business- A special report”) and then analyze that company’s “cultural” approaches: Discuss how the company you selected (e.g. focus on an international company of your choice from the second article) approach foreign markets from the perspective of culture and comment on how they should manage “cultural mistakes” that involve “cultural differences”! Reminder- only use the Carlo article on Ace as an example, you should select another firm as a basis for your illustrating the above.

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