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| April 8, 2014

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I want from you to read the chapter and answer 3 question and please I WANT QUOTE FROM THE BOOK WITH A PAGE NUMBER PLEASE not sources from outside just from the book.. the 2 question must be 100 words or more not less :)and the 3rth one anything
1) What is public diplomacy, and what is its purpose? Why are governments concerned about this back door practice?,
2) When was the Voice of America created, and for what purpose? How has its target audiences changed since its early days? Is VOA still relevant? Explain.,
3)What is soft power? Why are developing countries concerned about the effect of Western soft power on their local culture?,
4)Which concept in this chapter has been the most interesting to you? Please elaborate. Discuss what was enlightening, disturbing, or positive. Do you have any points of disagreement? If so, please explain.
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Implementation of PACS( picture archiving and communication systems) in radiology department and how can impact on patient health care
(1) try to attribute the rising cost of health care to the increased percentage of older adults in the United States as well as the lack of sufficient specialists in the industry.

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