International Air Law

| October 15, 2014

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Examine the evolution of your country’s (Sultanate Of Oman) policy and practice on bilateral air services agreements. What changes would need to be made to your agreements for them to be “open skies” agreements? How important is the continuing existence of a national carrier to your policy?
The proposed structure:
History of Air service in Sultanate of Oman
Actual practice for air service in Oman
Oman air service agreements
The path from air service agreement to “open skies” ones
The important of Oman Air existence to the country
referencing use endnote along with Harvard
The following criteria and weighting will be used in marking this assignment:
 identify legal issues arising from current international air law issues (0.3)
 identify appropriate legal solutions to those issues (0.5)
 the academic quality of your essays addressing the propositions raised (0.2)
The academic quality of your essay will be assessed on:
 your ability to demonstrate relevant research into the subject matter.
 the logic of your reasoning and the strength of the arguments that you develop.
 the construction of your essay including grammar, readability, comprehension, length and due and appropriate referencing.
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