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| September 26, 2015

Below is your essay question for the essay portion of your first test. Please remember to bring in a hard copy on the day of the test.

NO ESSAY WILL BE ACCEPTED IF IT HAS NOT BEEN SUBMITTED THROUGH TURNITIN.COM. Do not forget to set up your account on – the information is in eLearning under “content” – “Syllabus” tab in the description box (not in the syllabus). It is your responsibility to set your account up and to be mindful of the deadline established on Your essay is DUE on Wed. at NOON on NO LATE ESSAYS WILL BE ACCEPTED – please plan your time accordingly.

Test 1:Part 2 Essay (30 pts)

First, describe the types of nonstate actors in the system. Next, provide an organized, well-thought out argument where you detal how nonstate actors affect the international system. What role do nonstate actors play? How do they influence state behavior? Highlight in detail either an IO, NGO or MNC that you believe is an influential and important element in the system, or a VNSA that you believe poses the biggest threat to the IR community, and how states should address this VNSA.


Please remember to format your essay (intro, body, conclusion), spell-check, and cite if using outside sources.Length of essay should be over one page but less than three pages. Mla format.

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Party Platform Review: Students will submit a 1-2 page review of 2 distinct issues covered in the platforms of the Republican and Democratic parties (platforms provided in the content section of this course’s Brightspace page). The issues may be the same
Public-Private Partnership and Democracy

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