Intermediary Bodies and Performance in Public Management – The Role of the Education Supervisor in the Israeli Education System

| February 12, 2014

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This work will be part of the contingency belong to the approach: How does the contextual environment determines the behaviors of social players and/or how social players face institutional change? For that, this thesis will intend to increase understanding as to how supervisors in the Israeli education system perceive the changes of their role in light of the entry of new educational reforms the argument understanding the thesis is that supervisors represent the interface between policy makers and policy implementation and as such are the key players in educational reform. So, this work will focus on the rationale of these actors better than on a more macro approach.
Methodology: In this order we will use a qualitative method, through case studies. We will work on fifteen up to twenty semi-structured interviews of supervisor from four different districts (according to the Israeli educational district distribution) and from three divisions of age. Data will analyze using both categorical approaches in order to reach an understanding of the individual supervisor as well as viewing them as a group.
The first research question will be: How supervisors perceive their role after the entry of two different educational reforms in the educational system in Israel?
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