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| February 25, 2015

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Research using a range of methods discussed in the Module (refer to attached PDF). Produce an analytical, illustrated report to demonstrate the evidence

presented and your own arguments.
Topic Descriptions:
Living in Modern City in Southeast Asia (tropical rainforest climate) can be hectic & stressful therefore home is a place where people can have a break from

work & busy lifestyle. Home is a private place where people can have a peace of mind to relax & have family bonding. Modern City of mixed residential of

80% high rise building and 20% landed property.
Functions/Zones for Modern Living of varies space in the Modern Living Home:
Entrance – Shoe Storage Area
Living Room
Guest Room
Powder Room
Master Bedroom
Bedrooms (Children/Grand Parents)
Family Hall – Activity/Theater/KTV/Games Room
Study Room – Study/Working Area
Roof Terrace/ Roof Top Penthouse – Outdoor Activities/Jacuzzi/Planter
Dining Room
Kitchen – Open/Close Space
Laundry Area
Outdoor – Water Pond/Swimming Pool
You can refer to the following books or any reference you prefer:
Living Modern: The Sourcebook of Contemporary Interiors – Phyllis Richardson (Pages 180-215)
Vertical Living – Interior Experience by Yoo
25 Tropical Houses in Singapore and Malaysia – by Paul McGillick Ph.D
The Home Modernised: Making a home for the way you want to live today – by Andrew Weaving (Pages 156-183)
For more information on the University Requirement/Standard for Research Report please refer to attached PDF
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