Interface and Processing

| May 20, 2015

What does your user interface look like? What components are required? Are there buttons, dropdown menus,

labels, etc.? How is database data presented—as a table, or a form? Is the application available from the home

page, or do users have to navigate to it? What does your navigation structure look like, and what colors are

featured on the site? Make sure to include a mock-up of your main interface screen. This can be done in a tool

such as Vision, or you can create it by dragging and dropping components inside Visual Studio and then creating

a screenshot. Hand-drawn sketches are not acceptable in your final report.


What is the main processing routine required by your site? Describe it in detail and include a chart showing the

input, processing, and output (IPO). You should probably make this in Visio, but any other drawing tool is fine

as well if it can create the required shapes. As an example, imagine adding customer information to a database.

The input required includes a first name, a last name, a zip code, an e-mail address, and so on. The processing

that needs to occur is that the system needs to check whether or not that customer already exists, and if the data

that they have entered is valid (e.g., zip code can’t equal “Mars”). If all is well, the information gets entered into

the database. The output generated would be a confirmation that the address was successfully added, or a

rejection of the submission. Remember to always provide output to your users, it lets them know the results of

their interaction with your system, even if it’s a simple yes/no answer. Note that here you need to describe the

main processing routine for your system; this was not a requirement in your memo, so you might have to revise

your earlier submission substantially.


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