inter-governmental relations assignment

| November 18, 2015

A key concept in our federal system is inter-governmental relations, particularly financial relations among the three levels of government.

Discuss these inter-governmental relations and note the importance of the increasing use of technology to improve efficiency. Add examples that support your discussion.

Include the necessary components of a research paper, be concise and succinct.

Include the following:

Introduce the subject.

Start with a broad scope and narrow to define the paper’s specific topic.

Create a thesis.

The thesis should be a comprehensive statement that clearly states your position on the given subject.   Augment the thesis by introducing a minimum of three supporting points.  

Write the supporting paragraphs.

These paragraphs correspond to the supporting points introduced in the thesis statement and should come in the same order.

Each body paragraph should contain evidence from research to lend credibility to your argument. 

Write the concluding paragraph.

The conclusion should restate the thesis and summarize supporting points without being repetitive.

Rephrase these elements in a concise and compelling manner.

Do not introduce new information in the conclusion.


Minimum of 750 words.

citations and references must follow APA format.

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