Intellectual Property

| April 24, 2015

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COMP 3190

Intellectual Property Protections

Form a group of two or three students. As a group, complete any THREE of the following in a word processed file and upload to eLearn.


  1. Find a piece of music, movies, books, computer and game software, etc. and look for an example of a copyright (or trademark) notice. Paste a copy of the copyright notice in this file. If the original copy is not accessible, then a brief description of the item including title, author/artist/producer, copyright, trademark, etc. could be used.
  1. Music Copyright Registration with Copyright Office. Using Billboard’s charts by genre website @ students could find the author/song writer (not necessarily the performer) of their favorite hit song. Then go to the site to look up the author name in the copyright registration database. Paste a copy of the registration or make notes of the highlights to discuss at the next class.
  2. Find a common object and guess what intellectual property protections are in place.  Find the owner’s or user’s manual. List and discuss some of the intellectual property protections and compare them to your initial guesses.
  3. Consider that you have created a new piece of intellectual property.  Without revealing any protected information, describe 1) the type of intellectual property, 2) what pieces might utilize someone else’s intellectual property, and 3) what pieces you would like to have which types of intellectual property protection.


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