Integration of SPSS with MSSQL

| September 25, 2016

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Integration of SPSS with MSSQL
All information will be provided and help how to resume the integeration
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sql integration with SPSS
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Hello..find xxx attached work.
thank you
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Running head: Integration of SPSS with xxx
Professor’s xxxxx
xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx representing xxxx xx tables/ database xxxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxxx using SQL( xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx This xxxxx xx in xxxxxxxxxx data in xx easy xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx a VIEW is xxxxxxx to extract xxxx from xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxx xxxxxx include:
STEP xx Create xxxxxxxx tables and Inserting xxxxxx into xxx table xxxxxx
Create xxx three Tables xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Database Humanresource
Table xxxxxxxx xxx Code
CREATE xxxxx xxxxxxxx (BusinessEntityID xxxxxxxxxxx PRIMARY KEY, DataofHire VARCHAR(20), xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx OrganizationalLevel VARCHAR(20));
INSERT xxxx xxxxxxxx VALUES(‘18’x “2011-02-07”, “xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx”, ‘x’);
To insert xxxxxxx rows in the xxxxx repeat the xxxxxxxxx query xxxx different xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx x xxxxxxxx xx the employee xxxxx xxxxxxxxx after
– – – more text follows – – –
file2.xlsx preview (82 words)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx
BusinessEntityID xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Gender BirthDate xxxxxxxx JobTitle Rate
18 xxxx Wood S M 3/6/78 2/7/11 xxxxxxxxx Assistant xx
xx Mary Dempsey S F 1/29/78 1/14/11 xxxxxxxxx Assistant 13
20 xxxxx xxxxxxxx M x 3/17/75 1/7/11 Marketing Assistant 13
21 Terry xxxxxxx M M xxxxxx 3/2/09 Marketing Specialist xx
xx xxxxx Hampy x M 5/21/87 12/12/08 xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 14
23 xxxx Gibson x x 1962-09-13` 1/12/09 Marketing xxxxxxxxxx xx
24 xxxx Williams M x xxxxxxx 1/18/09 xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 14
xx James Hamilton x M xxxxxx xxxxxx Vice President of xxxxxxxxxx xx
26 xxxxx Kerbs M x xxxxxxx 12/1/08 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Manager xx
xx Jo xxxxx x x 10/8/56 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Supervisor-WC60 xx
xx xxx Gilbert M x 3/13/88 xxxxxxx Production xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 12

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