Instructions Document

Following your reading in chapter 7, “Writing Instructions and Procedures,” you will write an instruction set for a technology, product, or process that utilizes and illustrates good business writing skills. Because instructions are such a constant part of our day-to-day life, you have certain level of familiarity with the genre, and you are able to understand what makes a good set of instructions from the position of a user. Now, you are being asked to produce and create a set of instructions as a writer that will be effective for different levels of users. During this assignment, you should build from the audience-focused skills you practiced in the cover letter while writing and designing a longer, more complicated document.
This project has two main deliverables, the instructions document and usability video, in addition to the weekly assignments that will support the skills you need to create effective instruction sets.
Part 1: Instructions document
For the main portion of this assignment, you should compose a set of instructions for a technology, product, or process that you can write about in a credible and legitimate manner. The subject for your instruction set is open, and does not need to be connected to your field; however, you need to have some authority as a user of this technology, product, or process.
You goal is to compose a set of instructions that meet the following criteria:

  • Your set of instructions includes appropriate words and graphics to assist readers
  • Your set of instructions is an appropriate length to cover all necessary information. Including images and notes, your document will easily be 10-15 pages.
  • Words and graphics complement one another in describing technology/product/process use to targeted audience.
  • Your set of instructions is clear, concise, helpful, and user-centered.
  • Instructions are visually appealing, applying the design principles covered in the course so far.
  • Instructions are of a professional quality and appropriate for a professional context. If the instructions could not be packaged as is for distribution with your technology/product/process to real customers, you will not earn an A.

You do not have a set page limit for this instruction set, but as I explain above, these instruction sets should easily reach 10-15 pages, including images and formatting. You should also use Adobe InDesign or a comparable program, such as Publisher or Scribus, for this project since you will need to manipulate layout, images, and text in a way that Microsoft Word will not suffice.