Instructional Technology

| May 13, 2014

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Instructional Technology
I would like to perform some request before starting with the instructions. The issue is that this paper requires that I do some research in some higher education institution (Nursing School) in relation to instructional technology, but, I did not do it. However, I do possess some information about instructional technology from a higher education institution here in Miami from an essay of a friend of mine. That paper will be sent to you with these instructions. The paper is regarding the same topic. The fact is that I need that you use information comprised in that paper in relation to educational technology in that institution(Ana G. Mendez University System in Broward County, Miami), and also use as a guide in general for the paper, but taking into account “not to copy the paper.” In addition, I would like if you also perform some research to add more information to this paper because the professor that graded the paper I will send to you with the instructions, is the same that will grade mine.
Now, that I explained myself. I will go directly to the instructions:
1. Visit or call an educational institution and explore the use of technology in instructional delivery.
2. Include hardware, software, and faculty support considerations.
3. Identify the technology competency skills required by an educator.
4. Submit a 1,050-word paper addressing these areas.
5. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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