Instructional Design and Development

| November 19, 2015

Week 10 eActivity .


•Go to Project Management Docs’ Website located at Examine the various purposes for a project plan. Be prepared to discuss.

Week 10 Discussion 1

“Project Plan” Please respond to the following:

•The planning of an instructional design project requires a scope of work, scheduling and resource allocation, and budgeting. Examine three (3) main challenges that an instructional designer encounters when preparing a project plan. Suggest ways to overcome or address these challenges in your own project.

•From the e-Activity, propose the manner in which you would use a project plan to track activity for your project. Specify how you would use the project plan to report progress to stakeholders.

Week 10 Discussion 2

“Project Management” Please respond to the following:

•Analyze the causes of two (2) common legal problems in training. Suggest two (2) approaches to avoid these common legal problems.

•From the case study, examine two (2) of the unexpected variables and events that occurred in the project. Recommend approaches to handle these unplanned events. Determine two (2) things you, as the project manager, would do throughout the project to ensure that the four (4) key stakeholders are satisfied with the evaluation results

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Instructional Design and Development
Assignment 4: Project Reflections/Instructional Design and Development

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