Instructional Design and Dev./ "Moving from Paper to Keyboard/ Gaming Technologies

| November 20, 2015

•Go to NWLink’s Website and review the delivery selection flowchart, located at This flowchart guides you through the process of selecting the appropriate instructional delivery strategy. Select a delivery strategy type from the chart that interests you (job performance aid, e-Learning, telecommunications, etc.). Be prepared to discuss.

week 5 Discussion 1

“Moving from Paper to Keyboard” Please respond to the following:

•Suppose you are migrating instruction developed for a face-to-face classroom to the Web for online distance learning. Propose at least two (2) changes that you would make to the classroom instruction when preparing it for the Web. Provide a rationale for the changes.

•From the e-Activity, propose one (1) method for incorporating the selected delivery strategy into the content from the previous part of this discussion. Select two (2) of Mayer’s principles for multimedia design listed in Table 10-2 (Chapter 10) of the course required textbook and determine the manner in which these principles can be used for the content described in the previous discussion. Provide examples of the delivery strategy to demonstrate the use of each principle and strategy selection.

Week 5 Discussion 2

“Gaming Technologies” Please respond to the following:

•From the case study, take a position either for or against Michael Bishop’s actions to create efficient instruction using technology. Propose an alternative approach to Bishop’s actions.

•From the case study, propose one (1) recommendation for improving implementation of the gaming technologies. Support your recommendations with real-world examples.

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Instructional Design and Dev./Designin your Instruction Message/Developing Instructional Material
Assignment 3: Final Project/EDU 533 – Instructional Design and Development

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