Instructional Design and Dev./Designin your Instruction Message/Developing Instructional Material

| November 20, 2015

Week 4 eActivity .

•Instructional material is designed on a reading level that students can comprehend. The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level index determines the reading complexity between different passages equivalent with grade levels (K-12). Go to Educational Technology Clearinghouse’s Website and review frequently asked questions about the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level index, located at Write a paragraph intended for a fifth-grade level workbook using heuristics for developing instruction. Go to Standards Schmandards’ Website, located at, and check the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level index of your paragraph by pasting the paragraph content into the Website. Revise the paragraph if it is not on a fifth-grade level. Keep both versions. Be prepared to discuss.

Week 4 Discussion

“Designing Your Instructional Message” Please respond to the following:

•Select one (1) of the four (4) pre-instructional strategies listed in Table 8-1 (Chapter 8) of the course-required textbook to introduce the learning audience to the content of the instructional material you will develop for your final project. Specify the function, content structure, learner, and task attributes as they relate to your selected project.

•Examine the impact of pictures and graphics in instruction. Select a topic that you are interested in and propose two (2) ways that you can use pictures to enhance the instruction of that topic. Provide examples of the type of pictures you would use.

Week 4 Discussion 2

Developing Instructional Material” Please respond to the following:

•From the e-Activity, examine the two (2) versions of the paragraph created. Distinguish the changes and the possible impact of the changes on the students.

•Select one (1) of the small-group formats discussed in the textbook. Provide one (1) example that depicts the benefits that the learning audience gained from the selected small-group format. Determine a situation when the selected small-group format would not be effective and propose an alternate small-group format that would be more appropriate. Provide a rationale for your recommendation.

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