Inspection and Regulation

| April 6, 2014

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Your draft includes some interesting points, particularly in your description of how inspections contribute to improvement, its role in society and in national reforms, issues around observation of schools to inform judgments and relationships between schools and school inspectors. You also make good use of the literature from the module, particularly when discussing the relation between school inspections and school improvement. The draft at this point however does not qualify for a pass as it needs to be improved in a number of ways:
– First of all, it is not clear which part of the assignment relates to part I and which one to part II of the assignment? See below again for the outline of the assignment. Please make sure to carefully follow the different topics outlined in part 1 and part 2. See also the suggestions I made on what to cover in the outline I previously sent.
Feedback on your part I
– I am assuming that part 1 of your assignment ends where ?discussion? starts. If this is the case then your current reflection to part 1 of the assignment particularly includes a summary of the literature, with very limited reference to your own context: 1) you only briefly mention to have been an educator and inspector, 2) only very briefly mention the Education Act and guidelines in the Act, 3) there is no reflection on the discussions we had on the learning environment or your contributions to the discussions, 4) you only include a very brief description of how your thinking changed as a result of Module 1 (e.g. where you briefly mention that you learned about openness of doing observations, how your definition of monitoring is different from De Grauwe, and how relationships between schools and inspectors are important, and perceptions of inspections). Please read the outline of the assignment again (see below) and see that we expect a specific reflection on the context in which you are working and discussing what you have learned in relation to the context in which you work, and how your contribution to the virtual learning environment have supported your learning.
Here is a suggestion on how to structure your part I to meet the assessment criteria:
1. Start with a brief outline of your current and previous practice, and what you expected to learn from the program and what you expected to bring to the discussions. Currently you only mention to have worked in different capacities, but what are those and how did you have different perspectives in different roles, what did you expect to learn and bring to the table?
2. Reflect on the eight sessions: which ones were most interesting and why, what have you learned and how have the discussions with others and the readings contributed to this? Be specific in referring to examples and contributions to discussions. Please do not provide a summary of the literature, but describe what you specifically learned from reading the literature and from discussions in each session. Instead of describing De Grauwe?s definition of monitoring and your own definition, you should reflect on what you have learned from the discussion about what constitutes monitoring, what new insights about monitoring did you acquire as a result of the discussions on the BLE and as a result of your reading?
3. Describe how what you have learned impacted on your inspection practice, or in thinking about your own work. You mention that the session about observations was particularly interesting, but how has this changed your practice? You need to be more specific..
4. Describe what you feel you need to develop further and how do you intend to do so?

Feedback on part II
– I am assuming that part II starts with ?discussion? on page 11.
– Again you make little reference to your own context, but only very generally refer to ?contemporary society?. We however expect a more detailed description of school inspections in your country, how they are embedded in the wider education system or are related to broader reform programmes, and the goals they intend to serve. Your draft mainly includes a summary of the literature but you should use the literature to reflect on school inspections in your country (UAE) and how well equipped they are to serve the purposes they are expected to serve. Use the following outline to improve this part of your assignment:
– Start with a description of the purpose of school inspections in your country (united Arab emirates. Abu Dhabi Education council) . Make sure to reference to relevant policy documents.
– Describe how the system has evolved over the last year(s).
– Describe how inspections, and perhaps other monitoring systems, have been designed to contribute to these purposes
– Reflect on (using the literature) how good these practices are able to contribute to these purposes, potential problems in combining different practices and/or functions and other critical remarks you may have from reading the literature.
– Describe how you see your role in these practices and purposes.

– Overall the draft is sometimes difficult to read because of lack of fluency in sentences or inadequate use of English words. Perhaps you could have a native speaker take a look at it and help you improve your writing?
Outline of the assignment:
1. A reflective journal (blog) of 2,000 words that:
? considers the context in which you are currently operating
? discusses and critiques your contribution to the discussions on the virtual learning environment (BLE) and how they have impacted on your thinking in relation to inspection and regulation
? uses your reading of the theory on inspection and regulation, to reflect on your contribution to inspectorial, or related activities within your current context
? draws conclusions about your understanding of the environment of inspection and regulation (current and future) and argues the next steps for you in terms of professional development and the development of appropriate skills.

2. A 3,000 word discussion that critiques the purpose of inspection or regulation. The assignment should use policy documents, appropriate literature and other publicly available documents to explore the purpose of inspection or regulation and discuss how they contribute to the improvement of practice in your area of expertise or interest.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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