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| January 7, 2015

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EDA 624 Instructions Unit 1
Assignment 1 –Supervision and Instructional Leadership- Glickman
3 references include page numbers for Glickman
Insights on your philosophy After reading Chapters 1-5 in your text, take the Supervisory Interpersonal Behaviors Questionnaire for Individuals on page 92. Determine which of the choices is your preferred response. Then read the interpretation, noting whether you tend to be collaborative, non-directive, directive informational or directive control in your supervisory behavior. Use what type of leader that goes with this quiz. I help everyone, I follow rules and use suggestions.
Do the same thing with the Questionnaire on page 93.
Include graph of results like sample.
Next, complete the Educational Philosophy Q Sort in Appendix A on pages 409-410 of your text. Score the Educational Philosophy Test according to the instructions that follow, and read the implications on page 412-413. After completing and scoring the three exercises, write a two to three page paper that discusses the results of each of these measures. How will this information affect your role as a supervisor? Be sure to use citations from your text to support your ideas. (50 points) Due Sunday at midnight PDT.
Rubric for Unit 1
1. Correct use of APA Style – 5 Points – Be sure to include page numbers for print sources such as your textbook by Glickman, et al.
2. Appropriate grammatical construction/spelling – 5 Points
3. Organized presentation of Test Results – 5 Points
4. Appropriate use of citations from the text (with page numbers) to support your arguments – 5 Points
5. A thoughtful discussion of how the information may affect your perception of your role as a supervisor:
Discussion of your test results should include:
a. Whether you were surprised at the results – 5 Points
b. Whether you felt the test results reflect your actual beliefs – 10 Points
c. How this information will affect your administrative decision making – 15 Points
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