Innovation and Leadership

| April 3, 2014

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This is not an essay as such but I could not find a description for it.
Please follow the instruction below.
Innovation and Leadership Assignment info:Marking Scheme
Academic level: 5
Assessment Task: Portfolio of evidence
There are two elements to this assignment:
• 3 guided diary entries (250 words per entry)
• 1000 word analysis utilising your reflective journal (make this up, invent your own it should be on a team of 3 adult nursing students and 2 Operating department practitioners (ODPS) I am an adult nursing student) A reflective journal is a record of thoughts, feelings and experiences relevant to the elective enquiry and recorded over a period of time. It is essentially a self-dialogue, challenging thoughts, beliefs, actions and processes. It can contain writing in any order and can be free flowing.) For additional information see Guidance for writing a reflective journal (this work needs to be an analysis
3 guided diary entries: Refs must be used to back up your theories
1. Reflect upon your own style of team working and the contribution this made to the team. (Based on identifying my Belbins’ self- perception test read below in backround info,) You should identify how you negotiated your role within your multi-professional team and areas for personal development. (For eg. the value of emotional intelligence in team working, how your Belbins team role can contribute to the team which is – team worker , co-ordinator and implementer)
2. Reflect on and discuss one risk or barrier associated with implementing the change required for your team’s innovation, and potential ways to minimise that issue
( Use either Lewin’s (1951) model of change unfreeze-change-refreeze to minimize issues) barriers – may be reluctance/resistance to change – traditional practices – NBM at Midnight ( staff used to old practice as it is easier to stick to etc) other barriers may be lack of motivation and time restriction choose only one but have to use model of change to minimize issue )
3. Consider the ways in which you could involve service users (- being patients, on maybe an elective surgery / orthopaedic ward) and carers/relatives in the development and evaluation of your innovation and how you would manage this.
This could be patient questionnaire (when was their last drink and food etc., what they know on fasting guidelines, satisfaction)
1000 Word reflective analysis utilising your reflective journal
You should utilise evidence from your reflective journal (made up one based on 3x nursing students and 2 ODPS) to explore the challenges of working within your team focussing on one theoretical aspect covered within the taught sessions. (Covering Emotional intelligence, differing professional views ,managing change (implementing change) chose team cohesion or conflict looking at the stages of group life and conflict – (Tuckman’s, 1965) forming, storming, norming and performing. Causes , symptoms and consequences-(Almost 2006) of conflict and management of conflict (there are a number of conflict management stlyes – Blake and Moutons (1985) Thomas (1976) and a relabelled one – Rahim (2011) or –
the reflective journal could reflect upon the impact individual motivation had on the team and discuss how that might have impacted on the achievement of the team’s goals. Refs must be used to back up your theories
look these up –
Rahim MA (2011) Managing conflict in organizations.
Blake RR, Mouton JS, (1985) The managerial grid 111.
Tuckman BC, (1965) Developmental sequence in small groups, psychological Bulletin, 63: 384-99.
Almost J , (2006) Conflict with nursing work environments : concepts analysis , journal of advanced nursing, 53 (4) : 444-53.
Thomas KW (1976) Conflict and conflict management in MD Dunnette (ed) Handbook of industrial and organisational psychology.
All Sighted in Leadership in health care 2nd ed (2008) Jill Barr and Lesley Dowding.
Learning Outcomes
All learning outcomes for this module are listed below. The module learning outcomes that are being assessed through this assessment task have been highlighted with *. Assessment Criteria and guidance follows the learning outcome which gives an indication as to how each outcome can be achieved.
1. * One guided diary entry (diary entry4) should reflect on your innovation from a service user’s perspective ( i.e. the patient , staff)
2. * Demonstrate detailed knowledge of leadership styles, team working and approaches to change management
One guided diary entry (diary entry 2) should reflect upon your own style of team working, identifying links to leadership styles and areas for personal development and how your profile fits within your multi-professional team. ( I am a chair person( co-ordinator) , team worker and company worker ( implementer) I do suit these as I enjoy motivating people and value working as a team so that every- one has a contribution and is listened to)
One guided diary entry (diary entry 3) should discuss the risks and/or barriers associated with implementing the change required for your team’s innovation, and potential ways to minimise those issues.
Your reflective journal could discuss the different leadership styles that you have observed within your team, e.g. analysing how effective the different styles and approaches were in achieving the intended outcome.
3. * Act with limited supervision and direction accepting responsibility for achieving both individual and team outcomes
Your reflective journal could reflect upon the impact individual motivation had on the team and discuss how that might have impacted on the achievement of the team’s goals. Alternatively, you may wish to analyse the effectiveness of strategies used to manage conflict within the team e.g. differing professional views.
4. * Analyse performance of self and others and demonstrates negotiation skills
Your reflective journal could analyse the way your team utilised influencing and negotiation strategies and how were these received by those watching the presentation
Guided diary entry 2 should reflect on your use of negotiation skills within the team
5. * Interact within a team and reflects upon own contribution and capabilities
Guided diary entry 2 should identify your own contribution to the team
Your reflective journal could evaluate your individual input into the team and how that impacted upon the achievement of the team’s goals
Whilst this assignment is a reflective study and the use of ‘I’ may be wholly appropriate, it also needs to be written in a professional style, maintaining anonymity of other team members. It should be correctly referenced, and utilise a range of relevant and appropriate literature to support your arguments. As this assignment is about you and your fellow team members it is really important that you anonymise individuals.
You may insert extracts from your main reflective journal (make this up! These could be that you felt apprehensive and nervous meeting people you didn’t know, your contribution to the team, whether there was any conflict which there was in the last few weeks – there was a divide between one of the ODPs and the nurses because the ODP thought the innovation did not include what she thought should be included she was absent for a while so I believe was not up to date or forgot what was agreed on in the first few sessions) into the text, which will not count within the word count. These could for example, be put within a box, in a different colour or in italics to differentiate them. Alternatively the journal could be referred to in an appendix.
You should also include a précis or summary of the innovation power-point- presentation (on improving prolonged pre-operative fasting to reduce health implications associated with excessive fasting
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