"Innocent Drinks" case study

| March 15, 2014

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You are required to carry out research and write a report relating to the case study with references to tasks 1-5:
1. Describe the organizational structure, ownership and growth of ‘Innocent Drinks’ from its beginning to the present date.
2. List the reasons for its growth up to 2005.
3. Explain the business strategy of the company from 2006
4. Explain the reasons why the company decided to join up with coca cola in 2009, and the impacts on its unique corporate culture.
5. Examine the strategic reasons for coca cola to finally take control of ‘Innocent Drinks’ and describe the key influences on decision making process by coca cola.
Paper requirements:
1. size: 12
2. font: Arial
3. appropriate use of headings and sub headings
4. standard report format
NOTE: please use the uploaded presentations as a source for referencing and use the website:
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Analysis of the Coca-Cola International marketing in China and UK


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