injury law

| December 14, 2015

Where can I get help for my son getting hurt at school? My son as well as the other student are special needs.

My son was injured by a irate student, the student slammed his hand in the door causing him to have damage to his hand. My son had to be taken to the ER and received 6 stitches in his right middle finger he also hand damage to his ring and small finger on the same hand. The doctor stated that his tendon was cut in his middle finger, he is showing no signs of damage as of today but the specialist stated that down the line it could rupture bc of the damage that was done on the date of injury. I filed a police report with the Spring isd police department in Houston, I have also reached out to the school and received the incident report from that date. I want to go further with a lawsuit only bc this student has been a continuous problem in the classroom and the teachers and school administrators have failed to keep not only my child safe but the safety of the other students. When I spoke to the Assistant Principal of the school they were aware of the the students behavior .

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injury law
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