injury law

| December 14, 2015

Arrested several times, accused of 37 felonies, all false allegations by an ex boyfriend. Charges dropped can I sue?

During the pre-trial my ex said he thought I was sending him emails. Under cross he said he got my home address by watching police records, then he was creating spoof emails looking like they were comming from me.He accused me of sending additional emails and hacking into his bank account and utilites AFTER I had moved and no longer lived at my address. He instructed the Salt Lake County Sheriff to find me. I was arrested mulitple tmes. I tried to end my life. I lost my job, home and family, friends and my church. It took 4 yers in court and me paying $20,000 to prove my innocence. Nothing was done to him for perjury. He called the police and said I was stalking his home, the plate came back as a man from Whyoming. He got a letter he was sure was from me, it was finger pronted, not from me. He has stalked my family, and firends. He knows where they live, where they work and children names. I have PROOF the detective on the case altered court documents. Lived in West Jordan.

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injury law
injury law

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