Initial Case Study, Pregnancy, and Infancy

| August 31, 2015

Initial Case Study, Pregnancy, and Infancy
Create a semi-fictional case study of a person’s development. Build the case study around a person with whom you have had personal, but limited contact. Be sure that your case study represents a typical person with whom you would have regular contact with given your discipline/desired career path (e.g., a school counseling student may choose to build a case study around a high school student). Also, note that developing a case study around a person with whom you have intimate contact (e.g., a spouse, friend, sibling, offspring, etc.) is highly discouraged for this assignment. Be sure to change the name of your case study to ensure anonymity. Also, it is recommended that this person presents some observable issue/challenge.
This submission will be a snapshot of your case study taken from your last encounter. Specifically, you will submit any and all information that you can access, observe, or remember about said person (remember this is a creative project; as such, you will not interview the selected individual, just write and submit as much information about this person as you can recall).This paper should include background information, development during mother’s pregnancy, and infancy.??Remember to submit your work in APA (6th ed.) format.
You may view a possible outline for this project by clicking on the following link. Template for Developmental Case Study Paper. (You find the file attached).
A sample Initial Case Study paper may be viewed by clicking on this link: Example Case Study file. (You find the file attached).

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