Inhibitors of transglutaminase 2

| August 19, 2015

These are 11 results.
# arrange the 11 results according to the methods (which means graphs first according to the concentration then columns then photos.
1-First of all, you have to write a legend below all of the results columns, graphs or photos according to the photos picture and method. The legends should be in small font and single space. There is an example below but make it better.
2-write what the figures show above the pictures.
3- There are some mistakes below I correct them with red colour.
4- In the last 4 photos put in front of each important movement and explain what is it? You should look for an example to do it. And also put the title.
5- In last 4 photos you should write about if there is deamidation movement or not and which one move further and you should find another examples to know exactly what I mean.and if the inhibitors prevent the deamidation of proteins.
6-The elafin dose not appear in the gel in last two photos write about that as well.
7-in fluorescence assay (4 graphs ) you should write about the linear responase.
8-In the first three columns you should write about the inhibition of TG2.
9-first column fluorescence assay, the second and third columns TG2 assay, the 4 graphs ammonia assay and the 4 photos non denaturing PAGE.
10- follow the instructions please.

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Inhibitors of Transglutaminase 2


Category: Pharmacology

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