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| July 20, 2016

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Side PanelExpand side panel Breadcrumb: Table of Contents Learning Modules Week Four: Informative Presentation Skills Discussion Topics Informative Speeches Informative Speeches Actions for ‘Informative Speeches’ Previous Next Hide Description After watching and listening to the Videos for this week’s assignments, what did you observe about conveying informative information vs. just listening to blab, blah… Name 3-5 things that you saw or heard that aided in the delivery of the speakers’ messages. Did you notice anything that may have detracted from their messages? If so, describe. What were 4 common elements did you see in the Videos related to how to do something? Please use videos below as resource. Thanks Watch Videos: Picking a Public Speaking Topic (1:25 minutes) This video clip provides an overview of how to pick a public speaking topic. Analyzing Your Audience for Public Speaking (1:44 minutes) This video clip provides some insight on how to analyze your audience when giving a speech. Tips for Interesting Speech Topics (1:38 minutes) Suggestions on how to choose an interesting speech topic. Narrowing a Speech Topic (2:00 minutes) Learn how to narrow your speech topic. Researching Your Speech Topic (1:57 minutes) Evidence is important to any speech. This video clip provides tips for finding evidence for your public speaking occasion. Finding the Purpose in Speech Topics (1:59 minutes) Public speaking is an art! Get tips for identifying the purpose of speeches from a professional public speaker. Organizing the Speech into Parts (2:15 minutes) Learn how organize your speech into parts. Organizing Information for Public Speaking (2:01 minutes) A video clip on how to organize information for a public speech. Examples of Presentation with Props How to Make a Pizza (10 minutes) A demonstration video on how make a pizza. How to Decorate a Cake (6 minutes) A demonstration video on how to ice a cake.

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