Informative / analytical essay of two pages, on the importance of professional image.

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Link the personal and professional image with the corporate culture. Recognize the relevance of physical image in employment. What does professional image and personal image mean to you? How important are they, if any? What is your relationship, professional and personal image with the credibility and success of employees? Should the employer intrude on the employee’s private life? How far does the limit of the conditions that “can / should” / impose an employer on the physical appearance and professional image of the staff they hire? Should the aspects mentioned should or should not be decisive when hiring a candidate? Consider elements such as tattoos and visible body piercings, extravagant haircuts and hair colors and designs and ladies’ nail length. Would you stop being “you” in order to comply with the dress code and physical image that the company of your dreams demands? Be sure to write according to APA, include citations and references.

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