Informational Interview

| April 6, 2014

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The Basics: Conduct an informational interview and detail your findings in a memo style document. Locate a professional in the industry in which you plan to enter after graduation. This professional may be a friend, family member or professor (other than me) if this person spends at least half of his or her professional time dedicated to the industry about which you are asking. The interviewee may also be a mere acquaintance or stranger (most professionals actually enjoy informational interviews, so do not be shy about asking). Refer to our course notes on informational interviews for guidance. Reference to the sample internal memos on pages103-111.
Go Beyond: Explain in the closing paragraph(s) what specific conclusions you drew about the health of this industry and this career’s fit for you. Be bold in your predictions and frank in your discussion. Feel free to experiment with formatting.
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