Information Technology

| July 18, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You are to investigate and present a proposal for the implementation of an Information Technology (IT) system for a 4-user business section (for example, Human Resources) of an organisation of your choice (real or fictitious). Your assignment scenario should differ to any previous submission in this module.

You are required to produce a Word Processed document of your proposal (in the form of a 2500 word report). You will upload three supporting files, as well as your report file; the drop-box will be set up to allow multiple file uploads:

  • a database (using Microsoft Access) showing up to 6 suppliers for components of your IT system;
  • a spreadsheet (using Microsoft Excel) detailing the components and costs for your system, with formulae to produce summary information (e.g. totals);
  • a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (up to 10 slides) promoting the IT system to the organisation.

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