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| March 13, 2014

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Business proposal
Info Stand is a smart touch screen which will be located in Malls, Parks, Bus Stops and almost everywhere.
The screen will be divided in to two parts the upper part will have 9 apps. The below screen will have advertisement for only 9 companies.
The 9 apps are, 1) UAE App which will have all the history and pictures of this country. 2) RTA & DOT App, this app will have the root and time of bus and train Schedule. 3) camera app, will start the camera in the machine which you can email it ti yourself. 4) calculator app. 5) hotels & restaurants app, this app will have the hotel and restaurants in UAE only location & contact. 6) Hot deals app, this app will inform people about the best deals and promotion. 7) exchange rate, this app will be given to an exchange company in the UAE to update the rate and will consider as an advertisement. 8) yellow pages. 9) News Paper.
The lower side will have a space for 9 adds only this is the premium add space.
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