| February 25, 2015
This coursework is based initially on the case study below, and then includes additional aspects of food-borne disease and
gastrointestinal pathogens.
Throughout, your answers must be based on cited evidence/literature. Where required, answers will need to contain microbiological
details of infectious disease, including microbiological, cellular and molecular details of interactions between bacteria and host.
Where appropriate, answer lengths are based on single line spaced Times New Roman 12pt font, e.g. [½ page]. Please use this font size.
Answers should be concise and precise, containing sufficient detail to ensure clarity. Remember that this item is the coursework for
this module (50% of the module mark. See Module Guide for information. As a guide this assessment should require 24h-48h of student
effort). Where required answers must be presented in the format given (e.g. hand-drawn graph, Excel graph, with all workings etc as
Literature in addition to the module textbook will need to be consulted. Referencing: details of all reference sources must be
correctly presented throughout the answer texts and at the end – and remember that you must not plagiarise. Do not copy word-for-word
or quote from sources, but write using your own words.
References. Remember to use academically credible information sources. Reference your work throughout the text and list fully and
correctly ALL the references you used to complete this work. They must be presented in the Coventry University Harvard format. Use the
link from CUOnline for full details of how to present different information sources. Present them alphabetically and do not divide
them into different types (e.g. books, journal articles etc).

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