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The essay should contain a well-drawn out economic analysis and discussion of the issues at hand. The quality of your research work will depend on your ability to identify the relevant existing literature and relate your results to some of the key findings that already exist. You need to be comprehensive in your literature search without it being too broad .The latter may indicate your inability to narrow down the topic sufficiently to make the exercise meaningful. You also need to show an ability to discriminate between the alternative references that are available and make a critical review of them. The assessment of the project will be split up as follows:
(a) Abstract (5 %) which is due at the end of week 3, i.e. COB, Friday, week 3.
The Abstract will include Title, question, data source and availability. The Abstract will not exceed 200 words. (Please hand in 2 copies, one to be retained by the tutor, one for the feedback).

(b) Research Proposal (15 %) which is due at the end of week 5. It should include explanation of why the topic is important and relevant for this unit, the hypothesis or hypotheses that will be tested, the methodology and some summary features of the data, and the policy implications. (Please hand in 2 copies, one to be retained by the tutor, one for the feedback).

(c) Final Project (80 %), which is due at the end of week 11. It is in your interest to get your topic cleared earlier, if you can, since the sooner you start, the more time you get to work on the project. While most projects will be empirical, you could also write an essay that consists of a critical survey of the literature on a topic. In this case, you are required to show greater evidence of reading and literature search than in an empirical essay.

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