Industry and Market analysis – for Business idea

| November 16, 2015

write about Industry and Market analysis – for Business idea I have under this requirements section. It have to be
written exactly as on requirements below .
Within this section you should describe the industry your business will enter, including its size and projections for growth.
You need to highlight key environmental and business trends within the industry, including the significance of economic, social, technological and political/regulatory factors. You also need to explain why it is a good time to consider entering this industry.
You need to break the industry down into segments and highlight which segment your firm will participate in. Try to describe a typical buyer – for example, male or female, age profile, income profile, social / ethnic factors, social class, their ‘typical’ lifestyle and any other relevant information. Include in this section details of any initial market research that you have done.
Give some details of what you consider to be the potential size of the market and, in addition, outline if the market is scalable. You also need to provide an analysis of your firm’s main competitors. Please also highlight any risks that will need to be monitored.
BUSINESS IDEA ….is to create a fruit and vegetable delivery service operating in London which
exclusively sells cheap, produce which are deemed “imperfect” by the supermarket industry. We make sure the produce is classed as “imperfect” as it will be cheaper to buy so we are able to pass the saving on to our customers. We expect that we will be able to sell the Fruit and Veg at a lower price than the supermarkets as we will literally be buying what they are throwing away.We will become profitable by securing our customers a weekly subscription to our service and establishing business ties with farming networks to buy at greater demand and price.I plan on marketing the business by offering the first delivery for free to building customer confidence to ensure them that the fruit and vegetables are of “average” size and taste.

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