Industrial Relations: Would the Union Disappear in the Future within Australia's Industrial Relations, why?

| February 15, 2014

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Would the union disappear in the future within Australia’s industrial relations, why?
This paper should clearly define the area of interest, specify a research question, explain key concepts and establish the boundaries and structure of the analysis. Strategies for developing such a research paper were discussed in workshops/ tutorials throughout the semester.
You are required to use a minimum of TEN (10) references from a range of relevant texts and academic journals. At least EIGHT (8) references MUST be from academic journals. Unless accessing statistical data or information to provide examples in Australian organisations, please refrain from using material sourced from the internet. (Note: this does not include references to e-journals accessed through the library database).
Style Guide
In writing the essay, you are required to follow the proper academic style as outlined on the School of Management website. For assistance with essay writing, refer to
Assessment Criteria
Define research topic and frame essay question
Analyse a contemporary industrial relations issue using relevant theories and concepts
Write using academic language and structure
Adhere to referencing conventions
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