Industrial organization. Competition comission inquiry investigation between Veriozn and Vodafone

| April 21, 2014

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You are required to visit the UK’s competition commission website and select a closed inquiry that the commission has investigated since 2008. Once you have found and agreed the inquiry with the module leader then you should write a report on the inquiry, which:
(i) Explains the inquiry and the reasons for the commission’s investigation.
I have go the following inquiry case -> Verizon / Vodafone Appeal
Important! Link on the final determination ->
(ii) Explains your own inquiry into the case ensuring that you refer to the relevant theories.
(iii) Compares your inquiry with the commission’s.
(iv) Ensure that each of (i), (ii) and (iii) make links to the relevant theory discussed during the module.
Part 1 (Introduciton)– About 300-400 words.
1. Introduce about what case study report
2. Exploration of the incentives of referral
3. Conslusion of Competition Comission.
Part 2 (Main body – own investigation of this case) About 1200-1400 words.
If possible try to find new data on this inquiry.
Apply theories of industrial organization and make a graphs(very important to make 2-3 relevant graphs) such as:
• Market power
• Concentration ratios (Herfindahl index)
• Produce the graph of duopoly and monopoly profits. Indicate Deadweight loss on them.
• Multimarket contact
• Types of oligopoly competition (Bertrand,Cournot,Stackelberg)
• Nash equilibrium
• Collusion or Efficiency
o Absolute barriers
? Control of a necessary resource
o Absolute cost advantages
? Learning by doing
? Brand loyalty
o Economies of scale
o Sunk costs
• Potential efficiency
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